Visits as low as $16.50! Charges based on “time needed” and NOT based on number of pets or task. Never cancellation fees or last minute reservation fees! Never additional charges for more than one pet. Plant watering, trash, mail, and other common household tasks are included free of charge.

Taking care of your four legged loved ones...  With pet sitters all over northern Virginia, Montgomery County, and everywhere in between, why take your pets to a kennel when they can stay at home, comfortable and warm, with all their favorite toys?  Let our professional, trained, and insured pet sitters and dog walkers come to your house while you're at work or away.  We'll take them for a walk, give them fresh water, and tons of TLC.  By the way, we also take care of pets with two, six, and eight legs or even no legs at all - don't worry my feathered, reptilian, aquatic, insect, and arachnid friends - you're loved too.


Client Setup              - $20.00 (this includes an in person meeting with your new sitter)

15 min visit                - $16.50

30 min visit               - $22.50

12 hr overnight         - $85.00 (sitter stays at your home)

24 hr Bed & Biscuit - $70.00 (half price each additional dog, same family; your pet stays at your sitter's home like "Dog Boarding")

Dog Nail Trims        - $25.00 per dog (cooperative dogs)

Pet Taxi                      - $38.00 per hour (30min minimum increment)

Custom services available