Might be the real “Best Pet Sitter” in the world.

So before I explain let me tell you the truth. The Best Pet Sitter in the world happens to be my mom, aka Omi to most of her customers (German for grandma). That said and in full consideration of my obvious bias, I think she really is.   

Have you ever seen a dog that would not have anything to do with one person only to flop down for belly rubs for another? That’s Omi.  Dogs know  

Have you ever noticed that someone cleaned the kitchen cabinet doors for the first time ever? Just because she was staying there for the dogs and it needed to be done. Again, Omi.

We literally have clients ask us when they should book their vacation based on Omis availability. They move their vacation so she will be available. Yep. It’s true  

The most telling however is to witness the greetings she gets when she arrives for the first visit. The pure and unadulterated joy and full tilt butt wiggles that only begin to express the happiness and connection between the pets and Her. I feel the same way about her no doubt.

I’m super proud, ear to ear smiling proud, that she is my mom.   You want to know why I do this job? Look no further than her example. 

Patrick LewsenComment