Fall Hiking

As if I didn’t get enough walking from all my midday dog walks, I also love to go for a hike on the weekends. I’m especially fond of hikes that include a water feature like a waterfall or nice mountain stream. Recently I hiked “Little Devil Stairs”, a great trail off Skyline Drive.

I recommend you start at the bottom of the trail. Park at the end of Keyser Run Road. The trail loop is about six miles long with the first two miles up the narrow canyon. The first two miles are steep and crossing the river several times is required. I packed a picnic and we sat on a rock near the falls once we made it to the top. After that the trail is relatively flat, with some switchbacks, and a nice old forest to walk through. The whole hike took us about four hours.

If you’re inclined to do the hike, please send us a quick email for more tips and suggestions :)