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    Do you celebrate your pets birthday?

    So today is Blogging Bob's birthday and Sunday is baby Smudge's 1st birthday. I just spent an hour at the pet store deciding what to buy them for their special days.

    Funny how I found myself asking the same questions I ask when I buy for my human kids. How long will this toy last, did I get them enough things, and my favorite I need to buy their siblings something (the other pets in the house) so nobody is jealous.

    So after I picked out a few toys and bones for each, I went and picked up some fresh baked doggie muffins ( Another I a bad mom because I bought "the cake" instead of making it from scratch.

    This whole scenario made me start thinking about how I have always celebrated my pets birthdays as much as I do our 2 legged children, but does everyone else do that? I think I know the answer, but still curious.

    So if u celebrate your pets birthday, I'd love to hear how you celebrate. So make a comment and tell me how.