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    The Farm Animals

    So at Scooby Medina there aren't just cats and dogs, but there are also lots of different farm animals. Those that know me well know I grew up on a farm so I hold pigs, chickens, sheep, goats and the like very close to my heart.

    Today we went out to the back part of Scooby to check on and socialize with all the other kind of critters that live here. We walked through gate after gate into field after field of all different animals. At Scooby they have bunnies, doves, raccoons, ducks and geese, some giant pigs, donkeys, goats, sheep and miniature and regular size horses.

    I hear there are some bulls as well so I will have to go looking for them tomorrow.

    We also checked on the perimeter dogs. These are the dogs that live in double fenced runs all along the perimeter of the property to keep intruders away.

    I have heard lots of stories about the gypsies that are around here. They try to steal things from Scooby including puppies. It is all very sad.

    So back to the farm animals. So we were out in this huge pasture and all of a sudden the skies opened up and it started pouring. Probably one of the hardest rains I have ever experienced. First we had to huddle under a shelter with the donkeys and horses. Then the rain gave up a little so we started grainy back only to have it start raining again. This time we made some geese very unhappy by intruding into their shelter.

    We got soaked but it was worth it to see all these amazing animals.

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